Our freedom movement is only halfway there

June 8, 2017

From Dainis in the Latvian Republic, on translating the Declaration of Human Sovereignty :

These days there is much information and research material available regarding the alien ET activities in our solar system as well as on the Earth. It is not possible for a human being to simply ignore this enormous mass of information any more. The dots are being connected, and the conclusion is clear: The Earth is of great interest for the alien Intervention forces. Only the blind and the deaf don’t understand this.

The Allies of Humanity web site connected all the pieces of the puzzle, and I was able to see the big picture. I would like to help other people to see it as well.

The Latvian people have experienced deception for more than 60 years, so we have quite a lot of critical thinking. Our freedom movement is only halfway there. We have to go the other half as well.

We Latvians are a peaceful nation. Our nation’s destiny is to sing and dance in honour of our Creator. Singing and dancing are even mentioned in our national anthem. The whole world knows our famous opera singers, ballet dancers, conductors and choirs. Our song and dance festivals are well known all over the world.

In 1991, we were happy to regain half of our liberty with the help of a song. But for the remaining half, a song will not be enough. Knowledge and waking up are necessary! Therefore I felt my duty to try and do something for my country and my people. Latvia cannot be free, if the other nations stay oppressed!