Declaring and protecting our human sovereignty is the right and duty of every citizen of our world. A call to action. We cannot wait for someone else to do this for us. It is ours to do. It is up to all of us. The American Revolution was actively supported by only ten percent of the population. You do make a difference.

Show your support for human freedom and sovereignty:

Sign the Declaration!

Spread the Word

Distribute the Declaration of Human Sovereignty wherever you can. Doing any of the following activities can make a real difference:

  • Email the HumanSovereignty.Org link to anyone who might be interested.
  • Post the Declaration on forums and discussion groups and submit it to websites. Media:
  • Read the Declaration on public access radio and television.
  • Call in and pose questions regarding the Declaration on talk radio shows.
  • Submit the press release from our Media page or your own article anywhere you can (news outlets, community media, websites, forums).Personal Advocacy:
  • Talk to people. Speak out. Break the taboo. National polls constantly tell us that between 45% and 55% of the American public believe we are being visited, but no one talks about it.
  • Print out a pdf of the styled English Declaration for dissemination.
    • 8 1/2 x 11 pdf: scale your printer’s settings to this standard size
    • 11 x 17 pdf: send to a printer with instructions for cream-colored cardstock
  • Post it on bulletin boards and leave it where pamphlets can be displayed. Keep copies with you.
  • Give copies of the Declaration to everyone you know, both personal contacts and well-known people.
  • Hand it out at conferences, meetings and other gatherings.
  • Send a copy of the Declaration with a personal note to your elected representatives,
  • Attend town meetings to share the Declaration. Speak out and advocate for sovereignty.

Be creative. Let us know what else you come up with. We’d like to share your stories on this website.

Educate Yourself